BadCat furniture
BDSM and fetish furniture

Professional BDSM and Fetish furniture builder with a huge kink and bondage mindset. Amazing designs, high quality furniture all build from experience. Fully customisable and all 100% handmade. All our furniture is made to measure and and build to last!

Specialised in bondage stocks and pillory. But also bigger items like spanking benches, crosses and full restraint tables are to be found in the shop. Go check it out! We also do complete custom designs! We can build most items you can dream of in the style that you see here in our shop!

All our BDSM and fetish furniture is made from lightweight wood covered in high quality skai leather. This artificial leather is really easy to clean and fully moist- and waterproof. Beside awesome materials, we value high on looks: There are no ugly staples or rivets visible. This style takes quite some time to build, but the results are stunningly beautiful. Our furniture is also made in an organic style, with ergonomics in mind. (We believe that subs should suffer slightly, but not by a faulty furniture design. 🙂

We take pride in our designs and in the quality of the builds. So please enjoy them!


full bondage stocks for bdsm and fetish play
BDSM and festish bondage stocks extra wide


All access bondage table
rimming / queening chair